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Are You Scared Of Snakes? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be! HD

Are You Scared Of Snakes? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be! HD Posted on May 18, 20181 Comment

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This is a video showing you why you shouldn’t be scared of snakes or at least less scared than you already are. If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe and also share with your friends. Thanks.
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A lot of people are terrified of snakes. Films like anaconda don’t help with that. They don’t
really bother me but I can see why they scare so many people. Now, here are some reasons why you
shouldn’t be so scared of them.

First of all they’re more scared of you than you are of them. Just imagine you’re the snake. Do
you really want to attack something 200x your size. No of course you don’t. They only attack when
they feel threatend, so don’t threaten them. But let’s just say you are bitten, most of the time
nothing will happen to you. You’ll feel a bit of a sting and there’ll be a few drops of blood.
That’s it. Also, snakes don’t transmit diseases so you’ll never catch rabies of one. The worst
possible thing you can get is salmonella but unless you’re licking the fucking snake you won’t
get sick.

But now, let’s talk about the venomous snakes. A lot of them can kill you, obviously but there
arn’t that many. Worldwide there’s about 3,000 species of snakes, but less than 400 of them are
venomous. If you live in the United States you would very rarely die from a snake bite. For one
there arn’t that many and also there’s so much antivenom that you’ll probably survive. Snakes
also have different behaviour. You are much less likey to come across a venomous snake in the
open because they like to hide and wait for prey to come by while nonvenomous snakes go out and
look for prey.

If you do come across a snake do not try to kill it because most snake bites happen when people
try to kill it or grab it so just don’t touch it. If it’s in your back garden or something just
call an expert to come and take care of it. Although, snakes tend to come into your garden for
a reason so if one comes chances are more will……..just make sure there arn’t any mice in
your garden because that’s what they’re coming for, most of the time.

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