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BlackBerry DTEK60: Tips and Tricks


  1. got it, nice phone, but too thin, also the BlackBerry overlay or customization needs better UI. there's gestures that are available on Samsung or HTC that is missing i.e. blocking phones numbers.
    battery life is better than i expected.

  2. html autosignatures also worth mentioning. (email signatures with pictures/links). there's the other video one of your colleagues did about the ways BlackBerry improved android. probably would of touched on them. eg snoozed alerts that can be location based etc.

  3. hub custom views and widgets are gold. my homescreen is a hub widget that displays fb messenger, texts, call logs, whatsapp and bbm. my slightly hidden popup widget displays all social media notifications, fb, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, linked in etc. home screen page 3 is a recent call log widget.

  4. It looks an amazing device. I am planning to get one. Just waiting for your honest and valuable full review. Also, speed and camera comparison with Pixel and/or iPhone 7 would great! Thanks a lot for your videos. They are really informative.

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