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Core Java -9 : Introduction in Depth | SCJP / OCJP by Som Sir Part-2

Core Java -9 : Introduction in Depth | SCJP / OCJP by Som Sir Part-2 Posted on April 18, 20181 Comment

Core Java -9 : Introduction in Depth | SCJP / OCJP by Som Sir Part-2

Core Java for Beginners , Basic of Core Java

In this video I have explained following Questions like
-: How Java Is Platform Independent?
-: What makes java platform independent?
-: Which tools or Application is used to run Java Program?
-: What going to happen while compiling the Java Source Program or Code?
-: What going to happen when we run Generated Byte Code?
-: Use of byte code.
-: etc.

Som Prakash Rai
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jtc noida i.e Java training center Provides Training Online Live Class , Classroom Training , Pre-Recorded Video on Core Java, Advance Java, Frameworks and Distributed Technologies
Core Java
Advance Java:- JDBC , Servlet ,JSP
Framework: – Struts 1.x, Struts 2.x, Hibernate with Core &
Annotation,Spring Boot and MVc etc.
Distributed Technologies : Maven, EJB, RMI etc.

JTC was founded in 2012 with a simple, yet tough-to-achieve goal of converting “awareness into action” among corporate leaders,Students,and Colleges and showing measured results on-the-ground. We are a research and technology driven organization working in the area of Learning & Education, delivering large-scale innovative and inventive solutions for Corporates, Governments, Academic Service Providers and Universities/Colleges. Our Mission is to become “global experts” in delivering large scale effective education.

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8.SAS® Programmer (Base + Advanced)
9.Data Science
12.Apache Spark & Scala
15.Apache Cassandra
16.Oracle PL/SQL

JTC Course Details by Som Sir

1. Online Core for beginners:

2.Online java class :- Object class Methods in java i.e

java.lang package

3.hashCode , toString , equals methods in Java Object class:

4.Core Java Basics classroom recording:

5.Exception Handling in Java

6.Multithreading in Java

7.Garbage Collection in Java

8.Object Oriented Concepts in java

9.Interview Question in java

10.String Class in Java

11. Servlet in java

12.JDBC in Java , java data base Connectivity in java

13.Enum in Java

14. Literals in Java

15. Hibernate First Program using XML

16. Hibernate Example using Annotation

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