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CSS GmbH Coil Secure Systems.flv Posted on May 17, 2018Leave a comment

New flexibility during transport

The CSS COIL CARRIER significantly simplifies and facilitates your entire logistics chain. Coil consignments are now general cargo capable and are safer and quicker to load and unload!

As a comprehensive logistical system solution, the CSS COIL CARRIER opens up the possibility of conveying round material by many different means of transport in the same transport box throughout its journey. The CSS COIL CARRIER can be transported by truck, rail, ship or air, so saving you time and unnecessary costs.

Special vehicles (through-type semi-trailers, coil cars, etc.) and special loading devices are no longer needed.
Lower energy costs due to lower weight compared with special-purpose vehicles.
The service life of the CSS COIL CARRIER is many times longer than that of equipment used until now (e.g. through-type semi-trailers, special purpose rail cars)
Special equipment for securing the load is no longer needed.
The coils are stowed in a positive- and friction-locked way.
Loading and unloading times are shortened.
The coils are stackable, so that the loading volume can be better utilised.
Work, transport and loading safety are improved many times over in the opinion of the trade association also, as less manual intervention is necessary while clean, safe loading and positive-locking transport are guaranteed.
No more need for disposable load-securing material.
Empty runs are avoided, as the CSS COIL CARRIER is compatible with every type of freight.
The coils are better protected against damage – not only during transport but also throughout their internal handling.
Empty coil carriers can be compressed to save space.

An Example:

The additional price of a coil-type semi-trailer amounts to approximately 5,000 €. Energy costs and wear are increased due to the high net weight (reinforced body structure, approximately 2.8 tonnes). During empty runs, approximately 2.8 tonnes are also continuously transported and are missing with the additional load.

For coils weighing 5 tonnes each,
maximum additional load 20 tonnes:

Net weight of
coil troughs: 2,8 t
3 Coils: 15 t
Free capacity: 2,2 t
Net weight of
COIL CARRIER: 3 x 180 kg
3 Coils: 15 t
Free capacity: 4,46 t

The optimum use of space also allows free space to be used in a more effective and uncomplicated way.

Approximately 5,000 € acquisition costs for the coil transporter do not longer apply.

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