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CURRENT FAVES | Food, Fitness, Beauty & More!


  1. Girrrrl….you have to try BioX nutrition whey protein isolate. It tastes like cold hot chocolate just mixed in water. It's been my go to for years and the macros are amazing!❤️❤️❤️

  2. The chemicals in Rogaine are horrible! I’m 26 and never really noticed my receding hairline but I started using a product that is naturally based and made my hair grow in. I’ve just recently stumbled on your channel and I am loving your videos!

  3. Oh, and if you enjoyed The Four Agreements, you’ll probably enjoy Untethered Soul. It’s an incredible book. It’s on the “woo woo spiritual” side as you call it 😂😂😂 but it’s beautiful.

  4. 20’s are the new 80 😂😂😂😂😂
    So funny. I loved this video. Haha
    You could make videos about yarn and still be interesting and funny. Hehehe love you !

  5. I’m right there with you on sunglasses! I never shop for them unless mine have been lost or broken because it takes sooooo long to find a pair that look good with my face shape, or maybe it’s the size of my head that makes it difficult. Any which way I think it took 6 stores to find my last pair, which happen to be aviators😉💜

  6. changing up where / how you put your hair up tight pony tails can also cause hair breakage witch will make it thin. Just an idea to help with your hair loss.

  7. Another great video Lynette! Did you also use the Nioxin shampoo system for thinning hair last year? I thought it was you that showed that but if not I apologize! I am considering trying something for thinning hair and it's good to hear what actually works! I appreciate your thoughts on the Apple watch too. I have a FitBit watch and it's ok but I love the look of the Apple's…

  8. With med school boards coming up, I've had a hard time sitting down and actually reading, so I've been switching up my usual podcasts while I'm driving and during car rides with audiobooks instead. I was using audible but was on the fence about paying for it after the free trial – someone on IG recommended the app "Overdrive", which works through your library to help you rent audiobooks totally free.

  9. Have you done a get ready with me and I missed it?! If not you should cause girl you gorgeous and I need help with my hair and makeup lol

    Plus, kuddos to you for not just eating that granola bag by itself as a cereal cause that’s what I do #noselfcontrol

  10. I’ve found Apple Watch to be the best activity tracker over others! And I agree, getting texts on your watch is nice so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone!

  11. Victoria Emerson makes lovely jewellery! The wrap bracelets are beautiful. I’ve ordered a necklace through them and it’s gorgeous and super quick shipping! I’ve also been into sunglasses this spring and normally don’t spend much on them but recently bought a pair of Ray Bans and literally treat them better than my prescription glasses!

  12. If you haven't already done so, check out Francesca's for EVERYTHING boho style! Its practically the only place I get casual and going out clothes and accessories. There's one at partridge creek but I'm sure their probably at your westside malls as well.

  13. I'm so happy I found you through a Fabletics haul the other night! I already love your channel so much! ^_^ I hate drinking vanilla protein powder, but i LOVE putting it in smoothies or acai bowls (gives it a nice sweetness :p) I love MyProtein! They have some nice athletic wear too if you ever want to check it out 🙂 Awesome video!

  14. I keep forgetting you’re only a year older than me. You seem so put together 😅 also as far as books, I highly suggest The Power of Now if you haven’t already read it. It’s spiritual, but is applicable to all religions and even draws examples from a bunch of them, though it seems to focus more on Christianity because the author is Christian I believe, (which I like because I grew up in a catholic family and then followed Buddhism in a lifestyle but non-religious way so it’s mixed like me lol), but this book is freaking LIFE CHANGING. I can’t even believe I’m saying that about a book, but girl… it’s good.

  15. I have four of theirs. Got them so cheap. I got s chocolate smooth, a pumpkin pie (for recipes), snickerdoodle, and butter pecan. Butter pecan listedlly tastes like ice cream with almond milk.

    Hold on one second.. let me go add those bracelets to my Pinterest gift ideas.

  16. GIRL! Use the men’s Rogaine! My derm recommended using the men’s version. Once daily. I swear your results will be even better! I get the Costco or Sams version foam. I read the 4 agreements like 15 years ago and I agree!

  17. I couldn't live without my Apple watch! I have the series one, and have worn it every day for almost three years. It was a game changer for me too. Not only meeting alerts, as well as texts and phone calls, but I love Apple Health. Best investment I've ever made. Plus it's the first fitness watch that has stood up to three years of abuse and yet I've never had a problem with it and there's not a scratch on it. I lost track of how many Fitbits I went through in the previous three years. I LOVE this watch.

  18. Thank you for sharing that book recommendation. The way you described how you speak/think about yourself is exactly the same thing I struggle with. I also just starting listening to Angie's podcast last week, love it!

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