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[DEPRECATED] Google does cross domain read/write JavaScript

[DEPRECATED] Google does cross domain read/write JavaScript Posted on May 18, 20189 Comments

NOTE (14 Aug 2012): This video includes information about using AuthSubJS, which is deprecated. Instead of AuthSubJS, please see for information on using OAuth 2.0.

Original description:

Today is a milestone. Jun Yang and the GData team released GData JavaScript Client Library for Calendar. This is a JavaScript API that allows you to do fully authenticated, secure, read/write access from the browser. Jun took some time to introduce the concept.


Developer’s Guide:


  1. Yeah, I've been using PHP to write JavaScript for years and lately have been dynamically adding the PHP/JavaScripts to a page with some GET variables attached via DOM. Instant 2-way. Writing a bookmarklet that drops the first script of a sequence onto the current document is a nice way to do this on any page you like. Iframes screw the back button, especially now that location.replace is gone on IE7.

  2. the iframe "hack" isn't the only way of doing this. You can inject and remove script nodes to the DOM, and basically get the same results as with the iframe technique

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