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Drevo Calibur 71 Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review


  1. Mine came working fine, but after few weeks of normal used, the usb port got a little too loose, and it started to wobble around. So now, i have to hold the wire down at a certain angle for it to charged properly. Also, thought i could had survive without dedicated F's, and volume key but I was wrong.

  2. LATE comment, I know, but I was wondering if there is any way to force the lighting effects to stay one color. So, for example, is it possible to have a red background with the ripple effect only lighting up in blue? And if so, what button combination would allow you force that?

  3. I just got mine, actually typing on it right now. any idea how to stop the space button from blinking when charging? also does it have paring problems with OS Sierra? Every Bluetooth enabled device i have discovers this keyboard but not my mac book pro for some reason.

  4. Nice review man. im facing a tug of war of getting this or the xiaomi yeumi keyboard. which one would you prefer, in terms of build quality and the keycaps, leaving aside the bluetooth function and the RGb backlit modes ? i have reading one or few issues occurring with this keyboard everywhere. can you do review comparing both of them, if possible. enlighten me and others too. Regards.

  5. Hi!
    For anyone who has the Drevo Calibur RGB Keyboard (4.0 Bluetooth, not 3.0) and the Anne Pro RGB Wireless Keyboard, which do you prefer?
    Which one has the better bluetooth?
    I have a MacBook Air and I'm looking for a wireless mechanical keyboard.
    Please get back to me as soon as possible! Thanks!

  6. Quite nice, and what a nice price tag on these! The keycaps look cheap but nothing a little customization can't fix. Thanks for your detailed reviews – keep it up!

  7. They rereleased the board with BT 4.0; if you're within the 1yr warranty, they will exchange it for you. Just be prepaired to possible getting a different color if you want the same switches.

  8. hey, man, i really, relly need to know if this keyboard is okay in wireless mode… I want to buy one specifically for my phone, laptop and tablet, not for my pc because i already have one… I need to know if it has stutters and lag 😀 thank you verry, verry much!

  9. Got it yesterday, and being my first mx type switch keyboard it is just about as great as it could be.

    I can assume that I have the newest version with BT4.0, and my lenovo p780 can't find it unfortunately. However another device, which is asus nexus 7 has no problems connecting and I believe it has no lag.

    The only distinctive issue of the board is it's stabilizers mounting, as I almost broke the damn thing on backspace trying to pull the key via standart puller (what a pile of shit it is). Stabilizer came apart and I had hard times putting it together.

    The lighting is bright, actually too bright for me. Can't understand people complaining about low brightness of the keyboard. I'd prefer some dimmer modes for touch-typists. Also, two custom modes is just not enough with the possibilities you have with it's RGB.

    Rubber on the bottom is grippy as hell, sometimes the legs are folding down when I move the board further away.

    I am planning to buy usb BT dongle, braided L-shaped cable, keycap puller and Dolch keycaps or some old-style analogs.

    Thank you for making this vid, and greetings from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
    //Sorry for my English if something.

  10. What am troubled about is that this is a keyboard with a rechargeable battery. This means that when the rechargeable battery starts to die out your wireless functionality will die with it.
    Rechargeable batteries only last for a limited time really. It would have been better if it used normal everyday batteries

  11. I am just testing the Drevo, I just bought and I have the same problem as you, everything is fine except for that the space bar only works on green breaking mode… I think it is broken. Is there any way I can fix it? Because returning it is something quite difficult to do… The good thing is that the green is my favourite colour… But I don't want a space bar always on breathing green mode… .-.

  12. Hey! Good video, but i have a question. It seems USB isint built it. Can i buy chinese braided usb and connect to keyboard
    ? (my cat always eat that wires)

  13. Good video!
    Anyone who has tried this or the Qisan Magicforce? I'm thinking the more expensive Cherry Mx Switches on the Magicforce. But I would love the wireless function too.

  14. Hi guys. Just ordered it. I have slight problem with space bar being little stuck. Any ideas how can I improve it? I red somewhere that you can use some oil ons some parts to make it work smoother. Any ideas? Thanks!

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