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How to control devices using MATLAB GUI and ARDUINO

How to control devices using MATLAB GUI and ARDUINO Posted on May 18, 20181 Comment

We’re going to create simple MATLAB m-files to communicate to our Arduino board. The MATLAB Support Packages for Arduino Hardware lets us use MATLAB to communicate with our board through USB cable.
You can easily install packages through your MATLAB.

First, start MATLAB and click the Add-Ons drop down menu. In the drop-down menu click Get Hardware Support Packages. It will start the package installer window.
Start MATLAB and install Arduino Hardware Support Packages (if not already installed).
Connect your board to the PC and test if it’s working properly with MATLAB.
Make the circuit by connecting pin 11 to one end of the LED pin.
open matlab GUI Write your m-file and save it.
follow videos to know complete steps.
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