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Important Things That They Don’t Teach You In School HD

Important Things That They Don’t Teach You In School HD Posted on May 16, 20182 Comments

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Here are 3 important things that you do not learn in school and they don’ teach you. If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe and also share with your friends. Thanks.

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Important things that they don’t teach you in school. Self Defence. Why aren’t we been taught how to defend ourselves instead of the stupid activities we do now.
There doesn’t need to be a completely separate class for self-defence but just incorporate it into P.E. That would be a lot more useful than the stupid shite we do
now, like walking atop a bench trying to keep our balence. Does anyone remember these things. How is that useful to us in any way whatsoever. When will anyone apply
this skill in the real world, what if they’re a gymnast, ok fair enough. But other than that they wouldn’t.

Another extremely useful skill that we aren’t taught is basic first aid. Why isn’t this a priority for schools to teach. Again this could taught in P.E. instead of
this shite. They don’t need to go into a great amount of detail but the basics will go a long way. Something like the heimlich maneuver, why aren’t we been taught
this in school. Some of you may be but most of you will not, and it’s bullshit, what if there comes a time when knowing this could save someones life, but they die
because we were learning this… and not this…..

Finance Management is a huge problem in today’s world. In America, around 60% of the people have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts and 20% don’t even have a
savings account. These people clearly didn’t learn how to manage their money in school and now most of them struggle to pay their bills and it’s not really their
fault, it’s the school system for not teaching them the proper ways to save and manage their money. Instead they learn some algebra shite that they will never use
in their entire adult lives outside of a career in maths. Why don’t we focuse less on learning tedious lessons and learn the important skills that will make our
adult lives a little bit easier and for the last time stop teaching us this……USELESS!


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