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Java Programming 2

Java Programming 2 Posted on May 18, 20185 Comments

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Chapter 2 of our Java Programming Series. (twas a little long) Same time, just long chapter. SO i will have to do a follow up to complete the chapter. OH heres the information about the book im using:

Introduction to Java programming
9th Edition
Y. Daniel Liang
ISBN 13: 978-0-13-293652-1
ISBN 10: 0-13-293652-6


  1. Sweet. I'm in this class with the same book. My teacher is extremely smart, but extremely hard to understand due to his accent. THis is a great supplement! Thanks!!!! Do you plan to do any more chapters?

  2. great video, would love more videos covering more chapters, just starting this class myself and your videos really help. Also, when you open a new class if you you check the box that says public static void main… it will show up on your project when it opens up.

  3. Do you plan on continuing this series? I enjoy following along with these exercises. I'm taking a programming class that uses this book. These videos have been VERY helpful for me while I wait on my book to be shipped. I have the pdf version but it makes it easier to understand with your videos. Thanks! 🙂

  4. You're picking up pace a little bit in the second video but I'm thinking the series should be made up of shorter videos. Not sure yet though, it'll take a few of these for you to find your stride. Actually, don't mind me, carry on. 😀

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