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Lapit Chat App – Pagination – Firebase Tutorials – Part 31 | Android Studio


  1. Hello, you have to put two LayoutInflater one on the right and another one on the Shift in the MessageAdapter in MenssageViewHolder. put two of it: View view = LayoutInflater.from (parent.getContext ()). inflate (R.layout.message_single_layout, parent, false); ?

  2. i managed chatview by editing single_message_layout xml.
    i added one more textviews and named to textview_left and textview_right,and profile images too. i added two more imageviews for sending images
    when it is from current user then i hided textview_right,circular_profileimage_right, and imageview_right by setting View.INVISIBLE and others two VISIBLE

  3. I haven't tested this, but each time you refresh, you are calling loadMessages(); and each time you do that, you are adding a listener to the query. Won't this create a bunch of listeners? After refreshing a few times, if you send a message won't it appear 4 times(or however many times you refresh – 1)?

  4. How to compress an image like u did with the thumb, but without the croping? just a regular gallery pick. Can you help me?
    The bitmap return null when i pass the uri.getPath().

  5. please do 1 thing, try to push 4-5 k messeges using for loop , after that there is problem with firebase it will take 20 30 seconds to load data, pls help to solve this problem.

  6. Hi Akshay JH , please make next series on Facebook sdk or Facebook integration in android . Is there any way to retrieve all Facebook page post in android app through Facebook ,if yes then make a tutorial on that ??

  7. TVAC Studio nice sir, typing indicator😊i like it sir. Sir if possible please have the features to see each letter typing and deleting like in "IMO".. 😊

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