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Music Player Online Streaming App Tutorial | Android | Part 4 | MediaPlayer


  1. Hi Sir, We just loved your work and we are learning from you. However, App Source code you provided is not complete. Please share the complete code so that , we can compare it with our code. Thanks and Keep it up.

  2. Thanks and good teacher . well please tell me how can add more URL like radio and also tell me how can show all URL as radio station name. aur yeh b explain ker dain k buffering kisy add ho ga jab tak jab tak song run nhi hota tab tak buffering show ho

  3. Sir, my app is opening but not streaming any songs , and instead of the Cheap Thrills title that we have put in the TextView it shows the Url for the song that we have put.

  4. When I run application its shows msg Music Player has stopped
    It will happen when I enter after that line recyclerView.setLayoutManager(linearLayoutManager); from video

  5. 07-18 04:26:07.338 23928-23928/com.example.ishank.myapplication_music W/art: Before Android 4.1, method int, boolean) would have incorrectly overridden the package-private method in android.widget.ListView

    i am getting this error at the end of this vedio

    what is the problem

  6. That moment when i heard the beats from the song ( after spending nearly half an hour logging each and every possible method to pin point the issue i have described below ) i felt awesome 🙂

  7. Bro in this Part 4, I faced a strange issue. The App code had no errors uptil this point including the code in this part 4. I ran the app like you did and i even set the Layout Manager and everything. But i did not get the Sia Cheap thrill song in the Recycler View. In the sense i did all the steps till the end of Part 4 i.e above video, but still no single item in the Recycler View.

    Then i googled and found from Stack Overflow (source : that in the code up till here had a small bug.

    In the getitemcount() method inside the SongAdapter class its returning 0 by default ( this method gets implemented when we extend the class with RecyclerView and implement relevant methods)

    By default the getitemcount method returns 0. I downloaded your source code and found that in the final app source code you are returning _song.size() which would return anything apart from 0.

    But you had not mentioned about it till this vide and i was breaking my head.

    Anyway just changing the return 0 to anything other than 0 like return 1 will fix the issue. even your above method _song.Size() works.

    M just commenting here so if anybody else face the silly prob i faced.

    And again not blaming you, just commenting because I am pretty sure someone will face this bug like me.

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