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Web Design & Coding for Beginners – Basic CSS & Containers #002 @PaNiiKzZ

Web Design & Coding for Beginners – Basic CSS & Containers #002 @PaNiiKzZ Posted on May 18, 201848 Comments

So you guys seemed to enjoy episode one, so here’s number two, looking at CSS and containers. Next step will hopefully be tomorrow, but possibly Friday.

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  1. my style.css file still says 'style.css' is not on local disk. but it come up saying in the style.css folder "hi my name is…" how do i fix this, so the colour actually changes when i open the website?

  2. surprised how quickly ive picked all of this up, Coding has always looked like jibberish to me but this tutorial has opened my eyes, Thanks Rob for uploading these tutorials…

  3. This is so frustrating. Why would he show us the wholething in dream weaver when 99% of us don't have it.
    Also it wouldn't be too bad if he actually explained what to do with notepad instead of quickly saying some nonsensicle jiberish. No offence to Rob

  4. my meta tag doesnt look like exactly like yours..
    my question is, is it the same as yours? i followed every step..well, im using window 7..i think yours is mac..but is it the same?

  5. nope, you don't need dreamweaver, to make your background grey, you'll need code that looks like:

    body { background:#444; }

    Can you post here (or inbox me what you have and I can help out with it 🙂

  6. I'm just curious as to why people would use pixels over percentages. Because from my point of view, if you use a percentage then that's the percentage of the screen it will take up, then there is no need scroll from left to right (depending on screen resolution). Also you can resize the window and you can still see all of the box with out anything be cropped off. Please would you explain it to me? Thanks. And sorry if this seems a retarded comment.

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